The new generation of BMW i8 will get 750 forces and will be able to drive 500 km without recharging

BMW i8BMW i8 of the second generation will get a power plant with a total capacity of 750 horsepower. Thus, the model will be more than twice as powerful as the current two-door car for the first time.

The Bavarians will refuse to use the current 231-strong 1,5-liter turbo-motor in favor of a fully electric setup and 2014 Ford Explorer headlight bulb. It will consist of three power units of the upgraded batteries of increased capacity, which will enable the sports car to pass without charging up to 500 kilometers.

The following BMW i8 will receive system of a full drive with the distribution traction between the wheels and the adaptive suspension with a function that will analyze the road surface in front. BMW i8 is equipped with a current-generation hybrid power train, which includes 231 – strong three-cylinder engine, electric motor with power of 131 power unit, lithium batteries and six-speed automatic transmission. In sum, the unit gives 362 horsepower.

The coupe is able to gain 100 km/h for 4.4 seconds and its top speed is electronically limited to 250 kilometers per hour.