2016 Nissan Maxima – Review

Hi I’m Benjamin had defrauded by tell them here today on this chilly day just outside of Nashville Tennessee with the all new 2016 Nissan maxima. 2016 Nissan maxima is an important car for Nissan for a number of reasons first of all this is the flagship sedan the biggest car that they make and the most comfortable car the you can buy with the Nissan batch more than that. The version of the car that’s hopefully get a jumpstart sales for what is over the last few years been kind of a downward spiral for the maximum. This have anything to do with how the car drives it’s always been a strong competitor in that segment. For some reason people just weren’t paying attention to the maximum.

2016 Nissan MaximaI think that’s about the change as you can see behind me this car is striking everything from the wind that comes in the fender down through the door here the front the rear end and the interior of the car are full of details that separated from more standard fare in that segment in fact Nissan has this car a begets vehicles like the Toyota Avalon, the Buick lacrosse, the Chevrolet impala. I do certain extent the Hyundai genesis. These vehicles all serve. You could argue different customers. The maxima is one of the few that offers that. Combination of visual panache and available luxury at a very affordable price. A big part of Nissan’s marketing push with the 2016 maximum has been emphasized what is calling the 4 door sports car.

This harkens back to a time when the Maximo was one of the better handling vehicles in its class and indeed one of the better handling sedans you goodbye they’ll from Japan. Unfortunately times have changed and what the score is extremely comfortable to drive it’s a bit of a stretch to call it a sports car in any sense of the word even the as archery which is tuned to offer somewhat more engagement in what you would get with other bridges the maxima. It drives well but it doesn’t engage the senses it’s not really a thrill ride and it’s honestly not the strongest selling point of this car. Also, new hid Maxima headlights. Things that I did like about the vehicle Dallas is a lot longer. The V6 engine Produces 3 horsepower now which is up from the previous generation the car there is no 2050 model just the 2014 right that’s why 16. The CVT continuously variable automatic transmission has been re tuned in order to not only offer additional fuel efficiency and effectiveness on is claiming this is the most fuel efficient car in its class but it’s also a little quicker to shift if you put it in sport mode you get fake staggered, shifts is also paddle shifters of certain models that run yourself through the gears and feel like doing it there’s a noise cancellation system inside that honestly.

You get some nice engine sounded sport mode it’s sweetened of course like every single car that you’re driving these days yet that digital sound track that makes you feel like a superstar but I did hear a lot of road noise when I was on the highway I think has some do with the tires more so than the car itself. Other than that. As mentioned tuning is extremely comfortable this is a car you can drive all day every day and just not be exhausted by and the interior of this car like I said before is quite detailed what I mean by that is not only do you have leather seats but you have diamond stitched leather seats which is nice inlay on the front and rear seats you have a almost a diamond pattern on the dash to in certain trends in the talent diamond look you have nice curves you have something to look at while you’re driving sets this up flat expanse of plastic with you sometimes see in this segment a lot of effort has been put into making this car feel like an individual and that’s something that I think buyers will appreciate.

As I mentioned the beginning this review pricing is 1 of the 2060 maximus strong points. The car starts in the low thirties but even if you suspect the platinum trim which is as nice as this car gets you’re still under $40000 and you’re getting all of that nice weather that I talked about earlier you’re getting a great infotainment system. One of the best in the business you’re getting the availability of numerous safety features in fact. There’s a lot of active safety this standard on every model but the base model with the maxim of the you would have to pay more for it a number of luxury cars. In short the maxim offers a great package for not that much money and this is somewhere where he sounds really shining because the company recognizes this isn’t actually premium car but it’s flirting at the edges of what a premium car shopper might consider buying so if you’re thinking about an Acura you might as well consider the maxima and see how the features balance of for your money if you’re thinking about a link and everything about a Buick the Nissan maxima is in that conversation. That’s a really good place for his son to be right now with the car’s compelling is this it seems likely that buyers are gonna pay a little bit more attention to the 2016 maxima than they did the previous generation.