2014 Nissan Rogue led headlights – Backup Lamp Install

Small projects 2015 road today. Changing up the reverse lights to LEDs Nissan Rogue done this one. And if it’s picking up in the video but it’s actually pretty great. Impaired to the stock side on the right side. Well just go and tell you briefly how I did this. Got to take the rear panel off. Living up to open up this back and I’ll show you how it is pretty simple but the instruction manual course doesn’t tell you how to do this. He just pop off this train panel here. Trim tool. To reach around and gently pry around.

2014 Nissan Rogue led headlightsGo this pump clips on the side. There you did decide. But once you get back here. There are some really start sticking out one to. And then third ones in here. It’s going to remove those. And. The latest simply itself will pop out from the top side. At which point you’ll be able to plug in the new lamps along to get that out. Okay that was easy. See the 5 sixteenths. Deep well socket. Movies 3 nuts. And then with a little pressure. In this dream tool. They did go back hearing gently. Try this on us. Yeah and that’s all there is to it. Pull this out. On the backside. See that white plug right there.

Get this to focus on a hard with one hand. Right there. It’s going to remove the factory oversight. And switch it out is probably polarity sensitive so you want to check that before you put it all back together. Let me go hand slap that out. Okay there we have the finished products both sides installed 2014 Nissan Rogue led headlights. They’re look brighter than they might seem in this video least looking through the screen. I’m afraid I don’t remember. The number. Of the bowl for their split that’s easy for you to look out. It’s in your owner’s manual. And you can just cross reference that with. The Nissan Rogue LEDs you wanna find out why is got these on eBay. They were too expensive hopefully the last for awhile. So That’s it for today. Thanks for watching catching the flipside.